Burleigh Murray Ranch State Park

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Burleigh Murray Ranch State Park, located in a scenic valley south of Half Moon Bay, was acquired by the state of California in 1983. The mature eucalyptus trees that dot the grounds of this once-bustling ranch now create an oasis of quiet. The park is even more beautiful because of the variety of species living there.

The park is home to several native plant and animal species, including birds, mammals, and insects. Rancho Raymundo now forms the park’s western boundary, and Skyline Boulevard forms the eastern boundary. The park’s beautiful scenery and tranquil atmosphere make it a haven for those seeking solace and natural beauty.

History Of Burleigh Murray Ranch State Park

Burleigh Murray Ranch State Park was established in the middle of the nineteenth century. The ranch’s namesake, Burleigh H. Murray, was born there on July 19, 1865. His father had purchased the land in 1857.

Burleigh’s father left Vermont for California to pursue gold and started a prosperous dairy farm there. The late-1800s Mills Barn, patterned after an English Lake County bank barn, is a property landmark. This California facility is the last to house 100 dairy cows. The arched stone bridge and barn use Roman-inspired Italian stonework.

Hiking At Burleigh Murray Ranch State Park

The hikes at Burleigh Murray Ranch State Park are beautiful. The path stays close to Mills Creek for approximately a mile as it follows an abandoned ranch road. Hikers can stop and take pictures in front of the old Mills Barn and other structures along the trail. After leaving the road, the trail goes back by crossing a brook.

After the barn, steep chaparral-covered hills surround the valley, narrowing it. The park’s wooden water tanks are a mile away. Stinging nettles, poison oak, and coyote brush block the trail.

Horseback Riding At Burleigh Murray Ranch State Park

Ride around the beautiful landscapes of Burleigh Murray Ranch State Park. Take your time driving along the gravel road that meanders through the park’s beautiful scenery. Feel the soothing breeze as you stroll through the park’s verdant valleys and across gently undulating hills.

Watch for local wildlife as you stroll through the park, enjoying the natural beauty. Exploring the natural beauty of Burleigh Murray Ranch State Park on horseback is an exciting and memorable adventure.

Geocaching At Burleigh Murray Ranch State Park

Geocaching is a fun way to explore Burleigh Murray Ranch State Park and find hidden treasures. Explore the park’s paths and secret spots with a GPS device or smartphone, looking for hidden caches. Use your intelligence, resourcefulness, and cooperation to solve puzzles and follow clues to the buried loot.

You can have a great outdoor experience while exploring Burleigh Murray Ranch State Park by participating in the exciting pastime of geocaching.

Wildlife watching At Burleigh Murray Ranch State Park

Wildlife watching is a great way to experience the beauty of Burleigh Murray Ranch State Park. Watch for a wide range of wildlife as you explore the park’s various ecosystems. Listen to the soothing sounds of nature and watch as birds soar gracefully through the air.

Please relax and enjoy the park’s environment for all its splendor and complexity. Visiting Burleigh Murray Ranch State Park’s wildlife-watching area is a tranquil and pleasant experience for nature lovers of all ages.

Address: 305 Higgins Canyon Rd, Half Moon Bay, CA 94019, United States

Phone number: +1 650-726-8819

Email: SMPermits@parks.ca.gov

Established: 1979

Management: California State Parks


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