Aniakchak National Monument Preserve

Aniakchak National Monument Preserve

A visit to the Aniakchak National Monument Preserve will bring home to you just how centrally located Alaska is on the volcanic “Ring of Fire.” This 586,000-acre monument is home to one of the world’s largest calderas and is located on the roadless Alaska Peninsula in Southwest Alaska, 150 miles from King Salmon. The area of Aniakchak is a true wilderness setting. The park does not have any facilities, trails, or camping places that are managed by the federal government.

Aniakchak National Monument Preserve

Everyone who comes here either goes it alone or joins organized tours run by commercial outfitters. Activities like climbing the caldera floor, sport fishing, hunting, and rafting down the Aniakchak River are popular ways to spend a day in the park. The magnificent six-mile-wide, 2,500-foot-deep crater at Aniakchak National Monument and Preserve was created by a huge eruption 3,500 years ago.

Things To Do At Aniakchak National Monument Preserve

You can camp at Aniakchak National Monument Preserve, which lets you live in the remote woods and see the rugged beauty of the area. A trip to the Caldera is a must. There, you can see the amazing volcanic crater and the unique area around it.

Take a trip to the Caldera

A magnificent volcanic caldera, a massive crater caused by volcanic activity, can be found in Aniakchak National Monument and Preserve. Undertake a daring expedition to discover the secrets of an uncharted region. Stunning vistas of the untouched lake and jagged mountains may be seen as you hike along the caldera’s rim. Explore the impressive lava flows and ash deposits that testify to the region’s volcanic past.

Camping at Aniakchak National Monument Preserve

Camping inside the national monument and preserve is the best way to experience the actual wilderness of Aniakchak. Pitch a tent in one of the permitted camping places and take in the peaceful scenery of the Alaskan wilderness. Camping is one of the best ways to experience the park and its natural wonders, from the night sky to the morning chorus of birds. Leave no trace to ensure that this natural area remains clean for years to come.

Address: King Salmon, AK 99613, United States

Open 24 hours

Phone number: +1 907-246-3305

Established: December 1, 1978

Visitors: 100 (in 2018)

Area: 601,294 acres (2,433.35 km2)

Aniakchak National Monument Preserve


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