Cape Krusenstern National Monument

Cape Krusenstern National Monument

Cape Krusenstern National Monument, Kobuk Valley National Park, Noatak National Preserve, and Bering Land Bridge National Preserve together conserve over 11.8 million acres of arctic and subarctic wilderness. The Noatak and Kobuk rivers are two of the finest in all of North America for canoeing and kayaking in the wilderness.  There are no cities or towns within Cape Krusenstern National Monument. In the summer, you can take a boat trip or hop on an aircraft. In the winter, you can either fly or drive there.

During the summer, you can hike along the beach several miles. If you see any landlines or other signs of private property, please do not enter. When you hike up to the hills, you can see the Chukchi Sea, the landscape of the tundra, and maybe even some muskoxen. The bumpy tundra will likely slow your walking pace. Kayaking is possible in a variety of big lagoons.

Things To Do At Cape Krusenstern National Monument

You can go kayaking at Cape Krusenstern National Monument, which gives you the chance to explore the area’s coastal seas and beautiful bays. People also like to fish at Cape Krusenstern National Monument, where they can catch many different kinds of fish while enjoying the peaceful beauty of the area.

Kayaking At Cape Krusenstern National Monument

Kayakers have an amazing opportunity at Cape Krusenstern National Monument. Kayakers can explore a rough and uninhabited wilderness in Alaska thanks to its unspoiled coastline along the Chukchi Sea. Navigate around sea stacks while paddling through quiet bays and observe a variety of species, such as seals, whales, and seabirds. Kayakers with experience will find the monument’s craggy shores and sea caves to be an exhilarating excursion. Take in the stunning splendor of this remote location, where the pristine lands and calm waters combine for an amazing kayaking adventure.

Fishing At Cape Krusenstern National Monument

The Cape Krusenstern National Monument is a paradise for anglers. This picturesque coastal region in Alaska, which borders the Chukchi Sea, provides a wealth of fishing options. Cast your line into the crystal-clear water and reel in salmon species including Dolly Varden, Arctic char, and others. Cape Krusenstern offers a variety of fishing conditions for all skill levels, whether you prefer fly fishing in rivers or angling from a boat in the sea. As you engage in the exhilarating chase of landing your next catch amidst the stunning backdrop, take in the tranquility of the nearby nature.

Address: 171 Third Ave, Kotzebue, AK 99752, United States

Opens- Closed: 9 am-5 pm

Phone number: +1 907-442-3890

Established: December 2, 1980

Cape Krusenstern National Monument


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