The Best Time to Visit Guam for Fun Adventures

The Best Time to Visit Guam for Fun Adventures

Best time of year to visit Guam is between December and July. The weather is dry and warm, with plenty of sunshine. The island of Guam, located in the Pacific Ocean, is breathtaking. The region’s distinctive culture, c­­­­­­­­­­­ombined with its magnificent beauty and a wide variety of marine life, is a major magnet for tourists. The weather is warm and comfortable for various outdoor pursuits between December and May, making this time of year ideal for those activities. At this time of year, visitors can go to beaches, jungles, and historic places without problems. On Guam, visitors from all walks of life can expect to feel right at home. It’s the perfect time of year to go to Guam if you’re trying to relax or have fun if you’re looking to do either.

Is visiting Guam expensive?

The total cost of a trip to Guam will vary widely based on personal preferences and financial resources. Guam is unique because it is a U.S. territory with distinct Chamorro culture. There is a wide variety of accommodations, from five-star hotels to more modest inns. There is a wide range of dining options, from quick food joints to fine dining establishments, each with price tags. Spending money on activities like water sports, shopping, and island excursions is another way to increase the overall cost of a vacation.

Expense Cost (in USD)
Round-trip flight $500-$800
Accommodation (hotel) $80-$200/night
Food (3 meals per day) $30-$70/day
Transportation (rental car) $50-$100/day
Activities and attractions $20-$100/day
Travel Insurance $5-$15/day
Souvenirs and gifts Varies

Is Guam hot or cold?

Guam has a tropical environment; therefore, the temperature and humidity are consistently high throughout the year. Temperatures can be as low as 65 degrees Fahrenheit or as high as 185 degrees, and the humidity level is almost always rather high. Even in the coldest month of the year, January, the average high temperature is 84 degrees Fahrenheit. If you will visit Guam, pack breathable and lightweight clothes, and drink lots of water.

What is Guam known for?

Beautiful shores:

Many of Guam’s beaches boast pristine waters and powdery white sand. Because of the variety of water sports and other activities, Tumon Bay is one of the island’s most visited beaches.

Culturally distinct:

The Chamorro people, who have been in Guam for nearly 4,000 years, and the Spanish and American cultures have all contributed to the island’s rich and distinct culture. Traditional Chamorro dancing, music, and cuisine are great ways for tourists to immerse themselves in the local culture.

Pacific National Historical Park:

As a crucial military outpost and the scene of violent clashes between Japanese and American forces, Guam was an integral part of the war effort. The War in the Pacific National Historical Park and other museums and monuments on the island provide excellent opportunities for visitors to learn about the island’s rich past.

Purchasing and consuming:

Guam has a wide variety of places to shop and eat, from high-end boutiques and restaurants to local markets and street fare. Tourists can buy handmade baskets and jewelry from local shells and indulge in native specialties like red rice, Finadene sauce, and chicken kelaguen.

Guam temperature by month:

Month Average High Temperature (F) Average Low Temperature (F)
January 84 75
February 84 75
March 85 76
April 86 77
May 87 78
June 88 78
July 88 78
August 88 78
September 87 77
October 86 77
November 85 76
December 84 75

Things to do in Guam:

The history of Guam can be learned via the island’s various historical sites. There is a plaza known as Plaza de Espaa. It was constructed back when Guam was still a part of Spain. Many visitors these days visit to take a look around. The other national historical park is titled War in the Pacific. It gives us insight into a major conflict in Guam many years ago. By visiting these exceptional locations, we can get invaluable knowledge. Historical sites in Guam are a lot of fun to visit.

Ø  Plan a Hiking Trip:

Guam is perfect for those who value quiet, scenic outdoor walks. In addition to Talofofo Falls, the Pagat Caves are another local attraction. As you stroll, take in the lush vegetation and the glistening river. It’s not a difficult hike, so bring the kids. The island of Guam is blessed with stunning natural scenery.

Ø  Try the Regional Foods:

People from many diverse backgrounds have come together to create delicious cuisine on the island of Guam. They create unique tastes by combining Spanish, Chamorro, and Filipino cooking techniques. Chicken Kelaguen, which is grilled chicken with onions and lemon juice, is a popular dish. Other staples include Red Rice, made with rice, coconut milk, and achote, and Kelaguen, meat or shellfish marinated in lemon, salt, and peppers. The cuisine in Guam is delicious and unique.

Ø  Explore Marine Life of Guam:

Guam is an excellent destination for those who enjoy water activities and marine life observation. Numerous spots around the island provide excellent opportunities for underwater exploration. The Blue Hole, Fish Eye Marine Park, and Gab Beach are three of the most well-known destinations. Divers can explore sunken ships from centuries past, while swimmers can observe colorful fish and turtles. Guam is a great destination to go scuba diving.

Guam travel restrictions:

  • Pre-Trip Necessities:

All visitors to Guam must fill out the online Travel Declaration Form at least 24 hours before arrival. The form requests the traveler’s medical history, itinerary details, and contact information.

  • Tests for COVID-19:

A particular test for a disease known as COVID-19 is required if you plan on visiting Guam. The test must be taken at most three days before you arrive in Guam. Upon arrival in Guam, a certificate attesting to your lack of the disease is required. If you don’t have the paper, you’ll have to take another test and wait in a designated area until you find out the results.

  • Mandatory Vaccination:

Visitors to Guam were not required to show proof of immunization. However, those immunized may be allowed to enter the country with fewer restrictions.

  • Limitations on Participation:

Visitors to Guam must comply with all COVID-19-related regulations, such as the mandatory use of face masks and the separation from locals. Due to worries about the COVID-19 virus, several excursions and attractions may be canceled or reduced in scope.

  • Activities on Guam:

The island of Guam in the western Pacific is well-known for its natural beauty, cultural significance, and pristine waters and beaches. If you visit Guam, don’t miss these five activities:


December through April offer the most pleasant weather in Guam, with fewer precipitation chances and more sunshine. This allows engaging in enjoyable outdoor activities like swimming and hiking. The temperature is neither too hot nor too chilly; it is, in a word, perfect. If you enjoy surfing, the best time to visit is between July and November, when the waves peak. Visit Guam whenever you can, but the island is most beautiful and enjoyable when the weather is warm and sunny.


Do I need a visa to go to Guam?

Guam is a territory of the United States; American citizens do not require a visa to visit the island. Non-U.S. citizens may need a visa or ESTA to enter the country. We must check Guam visitors’ documents.

Is Guam a good place to live?

It’s usually sunny and pleasant in Guam, the locals are great, and there are many diverse traditions to learn about. Because of Guam’s safety and medical care, you may live comfortably there. Retirees and out-of-towners like it.

How expensive is it to live in Guam?

The cost of living in Guam may be higher than in other U.S. territories but lower than in many major American cities. Housing, transportation, and food are life’s most expensive requirements. Doctor appointments and school are free for families. Prepare for Guam’s expense of living.



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